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The Money Saving Solution To Beautiful Teeth
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Get Maximum Quality Dental Cleaning At Home With Easy To Use Precision Tools
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Cleaning your own teeth at home puts money back in your pocket! With your very own set of dental cleaning tools to go along with your WashWand+, your dentist will be WOW’d by your teeth! Make your teeth something to smile about!
Precision cleaning that saves money
Dental quality materials
Easy to use at home
Great for the whole family
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The WashWand+ Premium Bundle has something for the whole family! Freshen your breath, whiten your teeth and remove years of buildup!
Saves on bi-annual dental checkups
High quality material that lasts forever
Easy to clean for multiple uses
Ergonomic handling for ease of use and control


We will ship it out to you FREE in the same order
1000+ Customers Love This, and So Will You
Cleaning With WashWand+ Can Change Your Life!
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My breath is so kissable and fresh!

Brandy G - Seattle, WA
I always get compliments about how great my breath smells. I drink coffee every morning and I even have the occasional smoke. But I like to keep things tidy with WashWand+ and it really makes a difference!


David F - Boulder, CO
When you have a family of 6, it's hard to keep up with dental bills. We try to go twice a year, but it was just overwhelming. I started cleaning everyone's teeth with WashWand+ and the other tools and now we have the cleanest teeth possible.

No More Painful Visits Or Expensive Bills!

Theresa H - San Francisco, CA
I hate the dentist! Too expensive and much too painful. I’m in my 30’s and STILL scared to see him! WashWand+ has given me a way out! I’ve been able to save money and my visits are short and sweet! The dentist always comments on how nice and clean my teeth are.

So easy to use

Mike C - Nashville, TN
I was a bit skeptical at first, but once I started cleaning with the WashWand+, it was super easy! Definitely not as intimidating as the tools I see on the tray when I go to the dentist. I Highly recommend it!


We will ship it out to you FREE in the same order
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